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AEROS Highlights:

  • Extremely rapid deployment minimizes the environmental and economic impact of large marine oil spills
  • Patented "hydrocyclone" technology separates oil & water
  • Unmanned, remotely-controlled robotics position the system, minimizing human risks
  • Engineered to recover up to 90% of spilled oil
  • No comparable system yet known

AEROS systems are deployed via drop-load cargo aircraft. This extremely rapid response to a marine oil spill is a key factor in minimizing environmental and economic damage.

What is AEROS?
AEROS is a complete, patented system for extremely rapid disaster
providing containment and recovery of marine oil spills.

Upon notification of a spill, AEROS systems are transported to the scene by heavy cargo drop-load aircraft and are deployed via parachute. Once on the water, two small boom tugs position an oil boom to contain and channel contaminated water. A third autonomous vehicle, the AEROS Hydrahead AUV, draws in vast quantities of contaminated water (up to 2,000 gallons per minute), separates the oil from the water using patented "Hydrocyclone" technology, pumps recovered oil into a floating bladder for resale and returns clean water to the environment.

Typical recovery of spilled oil using conventional methods is less than 5%. AEROS is designed to recover up to 90% of the spilled oil volume. Salvaged oil becomes the property of GRG and will be sold to generate additional revenues.

The system is fully robotic, requiring no humans on the water, thus avoiding crew contact with toxic vapors and corrosive crude oil. AEROS systems continue to work 24 hours a day, and are controlled remotely from aircraft on station or via satellite.

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